1Q24 AI Firmware Update


Image: RfPatrol handheld drone detector deployed by a Ukrainian soldier.

DroneShield has commenced the release of a major update across its global fleet of counter-drone (C-UAS) devices.

The update applies to enrolled devices worldwide which carry DroneShield artificial intelligence based drone detection engine, RFAI, in response to end user requests.

The firmware engine updates apply to DroneShield’s full product family, including portable, vehicle/ship, and fixed site devices. They provide a complete refinement of the products software and user experience.

Major upgrades include: 

  • Multi-Emitter Accuracy Improvements – Emitter detection accuracy and tracking is improved by up to 25% in situations when there are multiple emitters present.
  • New Positioning Input – Devices are now capable of consuming relevant NMEA data that is available on the same network as the device.
  • MGRS Coordinate Display – Devices can now be configured to display locational information in either Geographic Coordinate System (GCS) or Military Grid Reference System (MGRS).
  • DroneLocator Intelligence – DroneLocator detections will now provide Horizontal distance to detection, Vertical distance to detection, True bearing of detection, and Relative bearing of detection.
  • Downloadable System Diagnostics – Operators can now download system diagnostics directly from the device.

Angus Bean, DroneShield Chief Technology Officer, commented, “DroneShield has grown into a global leader in the C-UAS solutions, driven by our cross-disciplinary engineering teams, listening to our end user community and consistently delivering better performance, usability, and reliability.”

Oleg Vornik, DroneShield CEO, added, “As drones continue to rapidly evolve, there is an ongoing race to detect and respond to those threats. Firmware upgrades enable our global community of customers to deal with the latest threats, and we actively collaborate with our end users to receive the latest field intelligence to base our algorithms on. These updates (together with our computervision AI engine and the sensorfusion engine) grow our SaaS subscriber base and are expected to become a major driver of DroneShield revenue over coming years.”


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